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SAN Performance Glutamine, Fruit Punch 60 Servings

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San Performance Glutamine is one of the best Glutamine Supplements Pre or Post workout that protects muscle tissue from catabolism.


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SAN Performance Glutamine protects the immune system and enhances the muscularity.  Performance Glutamine is the right building block for the body builders. 

*High quality post work-out recovery powder

*This supplement supports the rebuilding of muscles and recovery from the high-intensity workouts.

SAN Performance Glutamine

*SAN Glutamine provides 5 grams of pharmaceutical grade L-Glutamine per serving

*Supports strength and recovery

*Supports healthy hormone production

*Promotes intestinal health and supports immune function

*Its HPLC tested and verified


Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in the skeletal muscle and more than 20% in the total circulating amino acids. L-Glutamine plays a vital role in the diets of elite athletes. There are two types of Glutamine present. L-Glutamine and D-Glutamine. L-Glutamine is used to make proteins and used for other functions.  

Glutamine is naturally found in various foods. The average consumption of glutamine is around 3-6 grams from typical diet. But normal diet will not provide you with large quantities of Glutamine. So, MP Essentials has come up with L-glutamine powder and the capsules for the improvement of muscle gain and performance in exercise. Glutamine supplementation shows improvement in the muscle soreness and recovery.

*Prevents muscle catabolism

*Promotes muscle anabolism

*Enhances immune system

*Enhances Glycogen storage.


The demand for glutamine increases during exercise or some metabolic stress such as pre-contest diet, severe injury, illness etc. At that instance, Glutamine acts as a primary fuel source for the cells of the immune system, thus the demand increases. For the division of cells such as immune cells, sufficient supply of glutamine is important. Therefore, the synthesis of glutamine may be insufficient to meet the demand. So it is beneficial for people, who easily get infections or get sick. 

*Glutamine supplementation also promotes nitrogen retention (Positive nitrogen balance) which may prevent loss of muscle protein. A decreased testosterone to cortisol ratio is directly responsible for muscle mass since cortisol promotes the synthesis of glutamine. Thus, supplementation of glutamine may be beneficial for bodybuilders who are into strenuous workout. By enhancing plasma concentrations of glutamine, the demand for free glutamine by the other tissues will be attenuated, so the release of glutamine from muscle may be reduced. 

Glutamine is especially useful post workout when the nutrients are low until recovery.


*It is important for the immune system. If the blood levels are low due to some injuries or surgies, the function of immune system may be compromised. This lower immune function may lead to certain communicable diseases such as cold, flu. In such circumstances, administration of supplemental glutamine is necessary.

* It is important for the intestine: Glutamine plays an important role in maintenance of the healthy intestine. This prevents harmful bacteria from intestine to enter into the other parts of the body.

*Improves muscle gain and exercise performance: The supplementation of L-Glutamine is shown to enhance muscle gain and exercise performance. Glutamine also reduces muscle soreness and it fasten the recovery of muscles after high intensity work outs. It is proved to reduce the feeling of fatigue when Glutamine is taken along with carbohydrates.

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