Venky's Nutrition Ironman 1 Kg Chocolate

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Venky's Nutrition Ironman 1 Kg Chocolate
Venky's Nutrition Ironman 1 Kg Chocolate is a Fantastic Muscle Gainer Supplement
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Venky's Nutrition

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Venky's Nutrition Ironman 1 Kg Chocolate

Venkys Nutrition Ironman blended protein supplement contains Albumen (100% pure Egg white) and 100% pure Whey Isolate; the two best sources of protein. Ironman excellent muscle gainer is a "time release" protein formulation with Whey Isolate that  shows anti-catabolic effect when required after intense workout and Egg Protein that gives Pro-anabolic effect.

Venky's Ironman is a unique blend of proteins enriched with Glutamine and BCAA for continuous nourishment of muscles. Ironman muscle gainer is also fortified with other essential multivitamins and minerals needed for growth, energy production and various biochemical reactions. Venkys Ironman maintains positive nitrogen balance for protein synthesis as it has highest biological value. Having easy digestion and absorption this muscle gainer also tastes great.

Facts about of Venkys Nutrition Ironman:

  •     Blended whey isolate protein
  •     Using anticatabolic action of whey isolate and prolong anabolic effect of albumen helps to develop and maintain lean muscle tissue
  •     BCAA and glutamine contained in it that helps to repair muscle tissue and promote new muscle fiber synthesis
  •     Includes multivitamins and minerals helps to improve the performance levels
Venky's Nutrition Ironman 1 Kg Chocolate

Muscle Gainer:

Muscle gainer supplements helps to improve your muscle building. Muscle build is an important aspect of a well rounded fitness process. It is easy to learn how to build muscle through exercise and it is entirely possible to create a workout program that will allow you to significantly strengthen your muscles without acquiring excessive size. On the other hand, if your goal is to build muscle mass and add some bulk to your physique that too is entirely possible. It is simply the type of fitness program you adopt that will determine the strength, size, and endurance of your muscles.

Egg Protein:

Eggs are a best source of protein which provides complete protein due to the essential amino acids.   One hard-boiled egg has 6.29 grams of protein that gives men 11 percent of their daily intake, while women get 14 percent. In a large egg, about 43 percent of the protein is found in the yolk. Even though that percentage will vary depends on the size of the yolk, you can count on getting about half of the total amount of protein if you choose to eat only the egg white.  

The protein in eggs has the highest biological value a measure of how well it supports your body's protein needs of any food, including our beloved beef. Calorie for calorie, you need less protein from eggs than you do from other sources to achieve the same muscle gaining benefits.

Whey Protein Isolate:

Whey isolates contain the highest amount 95% of pure protein and can be pure enough to be virtually lactose free, carbohydrate free, fat free and cholesterol free. Whey protein isolate is a dietary supplement and food ingredient formed by separating components from milk. Whey Isolate build lean muscle and stimulate muscular strength and recovery.


Venkys Nutrition is an amazing nutritional health supplements that helps to achieve our goal in sports and fitness field. Venky′s supplements enhance performance that can be measured in speed, quickness, mobility and muscle strength. Venky′s Nutrition use only the purest form of raw ingredients through a State of the Art pharmaceutical grade manufacturing facility driven by most proficient Research & Development. The primary ingredient source of venky′s products is Albumen (egg white protein powder) being manufactured in own production plant which is approved by USDA and exported worldwide. Venkys Nutrition is one of the reputed Nutrition brands in India. Various health supplements are available in this brand. Venky′s Nutrition is always concerned in delivering good quality and taste as well. These supplements are known for its results when used by the consumers. Venky′s Supplements can be bought online from Bodymart at best discounted prices. Review about these products is also available in this website to give much ease to the customers.


This Ironman is a Excellent Muscle Gainer supplement in Allmax Nutrition products.Buy Original and Authentic, Genuine supplement at best price in India from online store Bodymart.Cash on delivery also available.Customers can give reviews on supplements too. Shop! Enjoy! Improve! Achieve goals!


Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Venky's Nutrition
Variety 1 Kg
flavor Chocolate
Ingredient Whey Protein
Goal Build Muscle
Is Cod Yes
Nutrition Information
Venky's Nutrition Ironman 1 Kg Chocolate

Amount Per Serving    
Energy 290 Kcal  
Carpohydrate 2.5g
  % Daily Value*
Fat 0.0g  
Glutamine 1.5mg
Leucine 900mg  
Agmatine Sulfate 700mg  
Valine 450mg
Isoleucine 225mg
Vitamin A 120mcg
Vitamin C 20mg
Vitamin E 12mg
Vitamin B1 250mcg
Vitamin B2 335mcg
Niacinamide 3.0mg
Vitamin B6 500mcg
Vitamin B1 250mcg
Folic Acid 20mcg
Vitamin B12 0.25mcg
Calcium 75mg
Iron 5mg
Phosphorus 30mg
Zinc 1mg
Selenium 40mcg
Chromium 80mcg
Chloride 240mg
Sodium 255mg
Potassium 240mg

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I can realised this product is giving me energy ..its very tasty
Review by suresh

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