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High Voltage Mass 1000 Mass Gainer 1 kg Chocolate

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Brand : High Voltage

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High Voltage Mass 1000 Mass Gainer is an excellent Lean Mass Gainer 


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                                          High Voltage Mass 1000

We all have been through those awkward times where we were categorized either as too lean or too fat. For people who find it hard to gain weight, it is a constant struggle to gain weight. People with such conditions are called hard gainers.  There are many reasons responsible for their condition one of them being their fast metabolic rate. Although hard gainers tend to consume more calories due to their increased metabolic rate, most of them get drained fast. This is where the supplements come in handy. Supplements are an additional source of nutrients for our bodies. They comprise additional nutrients that are needed to improve a person’s physical condition. Supplements being a rich source of carbohydrates and protein help increase the calorie intake of the consumer and balance his daily calorie intake.  An average male needs to consume 2500 kcal and women need to consume 2000 kcal to balance the weight gain process.  Weight gainers have become a popular supplement these days. The fast-changing lifestyles of people make it even harder for most of the population to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  A daily course meal comprising of breakfast, lunch, and dinner on an average provides 1500 kcal. In order to balance most of their calorie needs a person has to find other sources. In a market full of fake supplements and products with no results, Mass 1000 strives to stand out. This supplement is a mass gainer for beginners. A product that is suitable for both men and women it provides carbohydrate (75g) and Protein (18g) in excellent proportion. It comes in two delicious flavors of Vanilla and chocolate.  It is suitable to meet the calorie requirements of amateur bodybuilders, people with low BMI, athletes. The product can be consumed before and after a mild workout. The protein content of the product helps in increasing efficiency during a workout.   It also helps with muscle growth. The product is enriched with micronutrients that help in preventing micronutrient deficiency.   Whey protein being one of the main ingredients in the product helps in repairing the muscle tissue after a workout.   It also consists of soy protein isolate which is a great source of protein.   The product provides a mixture of vitamins as well ranging from vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E as well; all these nutrients are known for their benefits for skin, hair, and other vital organs. It is a great product for working-class people who are looking forward to maintaining their health and fitness goals.  Although it is very important to note that diet also plays a vital role in achieving results.  A well-planned diet comprising of carbohydrate and fat-rich food is also essential for growth. A well-hydrated body helps you stay calm at all moments and achieve growth both physically and mentally.   Sleeping can also be helpful in this process.  8 hours of sleep is always recommended.  In simple words  “ Eat, Sleep, Exercise,  Repeat”. 

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